Perfect Florals Purchasing Information / Options

Perfect Florals Purchasing Information / Options (3)

We at Perfect Florals know in these financially troubled times there may be some difficulties planning and paying for your perfect day. As a result we are pleased to offer our customers options for purchasing the florals you WANT so you won't have to settle for the florals you have to because of your finances.


When renting florals we can either ship your rental order or deliver it to your venue depending on where your event is located. [see DELIVERY AREAS]


Delivery charges will be applied to a final bill and automatically charged to the credit card you used to place your order. ALL deliveries require a sign off sheet so you or someone you trust must be at the venue to sign off on the delivery. The sign off sheet includes a checklist of items you have contracted to rent. The person accepting the delivery must check off all the items which have been delivered and make sure all items are in good condition and the items you had in fact ordered for rental.


Again, you or someone you deligate must be at the venue for your scheduled pickup time. A sign off sheet must be completed before we will pick up your rental order. If any of the rental items are missing, missing flower heads, embellishments, soiled or otherwise unrentable as-is our delivery person will list all defects and missing items on the sign off sheet for you to sign. Perfect florals will then calculate the repair and/or replacement costs and charge the credit card you placed your order with.


All rental orders require a repair/replacement deposit added to your final payment, prior to delivery or shippment of your order. This deposit will be returned to you within 5 business days of your order being returned to our shop less any repair or replacement fees. If we charge you for repairs or replacement of items from your rental order we will email you an itemized list of items we had to repair or replace from your rental.





When ordering custom florals all deposits are non-refundable.

Why? Because for custom orders most often we will need to order special colors, florals, and other decorative embellishments to perfect your floral dreams. If an order is cancelled we are then responsible for trying to find someone else to purchase your custom-look florals which in some cases may not be easy depending on your tastes and preferences.


If you cancel your order no later than 20 days prior to your shippment date we will refund your deposit less a restocking fee of 10% of your entire order. After 20 days prior to your shippment date no refunds will be given on your deposit nor any payments made to your account for the cancelled order.


When paying for your order using our payment plan options you must submit your deposit as well as subscribe to the payment plan before we can begin to fulfil your order. So, if you are working on a tight time schedule please make sure you have paid your deposit AND signed up for your payment plan immediately upon placing your order or we can't start ordering the supplies needed to create your perfect florals. As a result, your order will be delayed.



With only 40% down and monthly terms following you can order ALL your event florals at once... check them off your list.. and RELAX that at least ONE of the major items on your "to-do" list is completed.

There is no need to set a reminder to make your payments. Our payment plans are all by PAYPAL SUBSCRIPTION.

What does that mean?

When you have placed your final order we will send you two payment links. One is for your 40% deposit* and one is for you to sign up for your monthly payments.

After that Paypal will automatically charge your credit card each month when it's time for your payment and automatically stop charging your credit card when the balance of your Perfect Florals initial invoice has been paid in full.

There is no need to stop the subscription payment plan nor is is necessary to wonder if you are paying on time each month. It's the easiest way we can offer to help you purchase the florals of your dreams!

* Deposits on all custom orders is completely non-refundable. [see deposits and payment terms page]