Handmade Flower Items

Handmade Flower Items

For the bride who wants something a little different for their wedding decor. All the flowers are hand made (unless otherwise noted in their description) from lace, various types of fabric, ribbon, metal brooches, pearls, other embellishments & more. Please read each products description carefully so you order the right size, material, style and type.

If you need something we do not currently have listed on our website please contact us to request a custom order.

We will discuss your desires for color, style, size, quantity, etc. then begin your order upon receipt of deposit.

PRICE: Custom orders will vary in price and deposit amount. To get a good idea of what a custom order would cost you can find something similar on our website and use that cost to estimate. There are NO HIDDEN FEES! What we agree on is what you will pay.

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Handmade fabric flower bouquet

This is a beautiful, bridal bouquet in hues of blue and white, 7 inches in diameter and 10 inches tall from the bottom of the handle to the top of the bouquet. All the flowers used to create this piece were hand made from various types and colors of fabric and / or ribbon, lace, rhinestone and pearl embellishments and / or metal brooches. There are a total of 6 metal brooches in this bouquet.


Handmade Ivory and Antique Pink Fabric Flower Bridal Bouquet with Pearl and Ribbon Accents

All the flowers were handmade from various types and colors of fabric, lace and / or ribbon. Some are sewn some are singed and glued. All have ivory pearl accents. The handle is rigid and wrapped with silk ribbon then accented with knotted ribbon and ivory colored pearl accents.


The Bride's Secret Bouquet - with secret compartment!

I have carved out a compartment inside the bouquet then lined it with matching fabric and added a nice lid flap with ribbon to tie it in place. The secret compartment is meant to face you so when you look down at the bouquet you will see the ribbon for the compartment but to everyone else.. it just looks like a complete bouquet.


Sweet as Cotton Candy Bride or Bridesmaid Bouquet

This bouquet created with handmade, fabric, lace and ribbon flowers looks good enough to EAT! The handle is wrapped in silk ribbon then wrapped/knotted with fabric to match some of the flowers. It also has pearl embellishments both on the handle as well as throughout the bouquet adding to the sweet, cotton candy look!


Handmade White Fabric Flower Bridal Bouquet with Metal Brooches, Pearl and Willow Green Colored Ribbon Accents

Choose from the following ribbon colors: White, Black, Baby Blue, Chocolate, Burgundy, Gold, Hunter Green, Ivory, Lavender, Mint, Apple Green, Orange, Turquoise, Eggplant, Fuchsia, Navy Blue, Peach, Periwinkle, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Willow Green, Yellow. (See photos for color choices.)